Benefits of a Raised Dog Bowl

Pets Double Elevated Pet FeederWith elevated dog feeders you will provide your Pooch with a healthy and comfortable dining experience.The benefits of a Raised Dog Bowl include the following:

Better posture – If a dog has a back or neck problems, a raised pet feeder will certainly help him/her to eat and drink more comfortably.Eating from a raised bowl eases joint strain and neck tension during feeding.Eating from a raised level eliminates uncomfortable bending or crouching.

Health benefits –  Elevated dog feeders reduce food and water gulping. This will prevent some rare, but serious conditions: bloat (or volvulus), and mega-esophagus, which is a condition when the food accumulates into the esophagus instead of descending to the stomach .This can lead to regurgitation and vomiting.

Swallowing easily – Raised dog bowls are a really important aid for dogs with megaesophagus, that have difficulty swallowing, or other digestive problems.

Promote hygiene and cleanliness – Elevated dog dishes help keeping the food and water within the bowl, instead of on the floor. In order to facilitate swallowing, dogs tend to lift their heads after eating or drinking .As the dog raises his/ her head, the water that doesn’t get swallowed will spill onto the floor. Moisture that may get under the dishes creates a great place for molds and bacteria to grow; raised dog bowls help prevent that.

Also,Raised dog bowls  helping owners who have physical disabilities, arthritis or back problems.

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