Benefits of Living Green Wall

plant pot for wall decorationYou may have arrived here because of your interest in reducing stress, enhancing indoor air quality, improving mental health, reducing employee sick days or demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. You may be seeking living art for the walls. You may be an architect, landscape designer or contractor pursuing the fast-growing market demand for “vertical gardens,” “green walls,“ “plants on wall” or simply “living walls.”

Where Can Green Walls Be Used?

Living walls can be fitted to both new builds and refurbishments,both inside and out. from home,adventurous garden projects to large commercial developments. Completely versatile, they can be installed inside offices or attached to the outside of buildings.

Public sectors will certainly benefit from the environmental gains of the systems contributing to their CO2 reduction targets, but any industry can reap the rewards.Using wall planters will be perfect!

What are the visual benefits of living green walls?

Our modern society is all about image and nothing beats nature for beauty. A well-designed, flourishing green wall can drastically improve a building’s appearance, adding color and texture that won’t go out of fashion.


How do living walls improve air quality?

Ever since the industrial revolution, modern advancements have increased air pollution. In built-up areas, polluting gases and particulate matter are turning our air toxic, but we can utilize nature to reverse the damage we’re causing.

As children, we learn that plants naturally remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen rich air. However, it’s less well-known that they also filter the air around them by absorbing and cleaning pollutants. This natural effect is multiplied by the sheer number of plants in living walls.

A recent study into the effectiveness of green infrastructure for improving air quality in urban street canons, found living green walls can have a big impact. These gaps are hotspots for harmful pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter, but living green walls have been shown to reduce levels by 40% and 60% respectively.It’s not just pollutants outside that are a cause for concern as there are plenty of toxins inside that can adversely affect our health too.

Countless toxins are leeching from our indoor environment, such as formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, carbon monoxide and benzene to name just a few. It’s long been known that adding office plants can improve the indoor air quality and interior green walls do just that, but on a much bigger scale that can benefit building inhabitants.

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