Choosing The Right Dog bowl For Your Pooch

Buying the right  dog bowl for your dog is extremely important. When it comes to feeding your dog, the bowl you choose is almost as important as what you put inside it. In the future if you are shopping for a dog bowl keep following  tips in mind. Finding the perfect bowl for your dog will also benefit you and the needs of your household.

If you are using the wrong size bowl for your dog this may create problems while he is trying to eat. For example, the dog bowl may skid across the floor, if the animal is too large for it. When the dog has his/her nose in the bowl and begins to push it across the kitchen floor because he or she simply has trouble accessing the food in the dish. In addition, a large dog bowl for a small dog may also cause the dog to not be able to access the food properly.You’ll want to prevent this by looking at a bowl’s dimensions and figuring out which size bowl is right for your dog. For a large dog, you’ll want a bowl around 10-12 inches in diameter. Whereas for a small dog about 4-6 inches in diameter and of course a medium size dog should fall somewhere between the two.

Many times if the dog is too large for any given bowl they begin the scoot the dish across the kitchen floor which can lead to skidding. A solution to this problem is first, by a larger bowl for your dog. This allows your pet more access to the food in the container and he or she isn’t having to force their snout to the bottom of the bowl to eat. Secondly consider buying a non skid dog bowl. These heavy bowls help prevent the dog from moving the dish and often times contain small pads on the bottom of the dog bowl to further increase its staying power.

If you are going away on vacation for a few days or prefer to fill up your dog bowl and not have to deal with refilling it every other day then this next dog bowl may be perfect for you.Automatic Pet Feeder are ideal for owners who have trouble feeding their dog every single day or just prefer not to. You put the dog food into a dispenser and as the dog eats food flows automatically back into the bowl. This also helps dogs who eat fast to keep from eating so quickly. As the food flows slowly into the bowl.

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