Incorporate Plants Into Your Living Room Decorating Ideas

Plants can add some life to a drab room or make a cozy spot feel even homier. Your living room is a natural choice for incorporating plants into your home décor—but how can you be sure the plants you choose are blending seamlessly with your design? we collected a few of the best ways to position plants in your living room décor.
1. Elegant hanging plants/Hanging planters

Hanging plants add a unique visual element to your living room and these  planters could easily blend with a variety of decorating styles.
2. Plants as wall art/Wall planters

plant pot for wall decoration
Putting your plants directly on your walls in place of art gives your living room decorations a three dimensional appeal.

3,A statement plant

A tall, elegant plant can make quite the statement when tucked into a corner of your home. As a bonus, your planter can also make a statement—try finding one made of unique materials or in a color that complements your decorating scheme.
4. Collected on a ladder

Fabulous Plants For The Living Room Fresh Living Room Decorating Ideas With Indoor Plants Design And - Coffee Table Design

You can devote an entire corner of your living room to a collection of plants with this clever display .

5. Arranging a mantle

Decorating your mantle with plants is a great way to add visual intrigue to an otherwise boring space. Use plants and objects of varying heights to make an eye-catching display.
Of course, these suggestions are just the beginning of all the wonderful ways you can incorporate plants into your home décor. Keep experimenting until you find a style that best suits your home’s personality.If you need any questions ,please feel free to contact