Why Choose Us

Our garden planters are durable, practical, eco-friendly, convenient, potentially decorated our garden, home, office, etc, bring very happy customers experience.

Products Highlights:

  • Sturdy & durable & anti-corrosion, normally can be used 5-10 years
  • Light weight, easy to move, also save raw material & cost, very economic
  • Temperature duration: -20℃~120℃, not easy to fade color
  • Food grade material, non-toxic, healthy, eco-friendly, recyclable
  • With integrated irrigation system & drainage holes, maintain proper moisture level for the plants.



  • No need drilling, easy & convenient install with included mounting screws, only need a screwdriver in minutes.
  • Grow any plants, herbs, veggies you want, fill your planters with annuals or succulents for a healthy, happy environment.
  • Each pots can be stacked one by one forming a vertical green garden, get nice greeting everyday so easy.